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06 June (Friday)

16:00 Registration and accommodation

17:30 Getting started. Introductory speech of the organizers

17:45 – 20.00 Presentations

17:45 “Monitoring of key mammal species populations” Slobozhansky ”

Brusentsova N.A. (Kharkov, Scientific and Production Enterprise “Slobozhansky”)

18:00 GIS for the restoration of wetlands on the example of Polzer Zarza Sizo RV (Odessa region, Center for Regional Studies)

18:15 Algorithm of constructive and geographic support for designing national parks using geoinformation technologies Bodnya O.V. (Kharkov, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University )

18:30 Using GIS and other computer technologies by biology students in the process of educational and research work (opportunities, difficulties, expectations) Bezrodnova O.V. (Kharkov,  V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University)

18:45 OSM for protected areas Seliverstov O.Yu. (Kharkov, GIS-Lab)

19:00 Coffee break

19:30 The first results of the introduction of ArcGIS in the activities of SPE “Dvurechansky” Vysochin M.O. (Kharkiv region, Research and Production Enterprise “Dvurechansky”)

19:45 First results of ArcGIS implementation Biatov A.P. (Kharkiv region, National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”)

20:00 Dinner

07 June (Saturday)

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 – 20:00 Master classes

To participate in the master classes, you must install the appropriate software on the laptop in advance (see the topic of the master class)

10:00 Getting Started with QGIS Biatov A.P. (Kharkiv region, National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”)

11:30 “Are you still pouring in sodden from the rain diary? Then we go to you! “, Or some modern GIS-based methods for collecting field data Pryluky O.V. (Kharkiv, V.N. Karazin  KNU)

13:00 Coffee break

13:30 The Basics of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile Seliverstov O.Yu. (Kharkiv, GIS-Lab)

15:00 Coffee break (Lunch)

16:00 Preparation of raster base maps for ArcGIS for Windows Mobile Biatov A.P. (Kharkiv region, National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”)

16:30 Creation of vector maps for Garmin GPS-navigators based on OpenStreetMap data Biatov A.P. (Kharkiv region, National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”)

17:30 Basics of ArcGIS Editor for OSM Seliverstov O.Yu. (Kharkiv, GIS-Lab)

18:30 Coffee break

19.00 The Basics of JOSM (OpenStreetMap Editor) Seliverstov O.Yu. (Kharkiv, GIS-Lab)

20.30 Dinner

08 June (Sunday)

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 – 12.00 Master classes

09:00 Pansharpening images using GIS SAGA

Goryainova V.A. (Kharkiv region, National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”)

09:45 “Creating an interactive web-map using: QGIS, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, Geoserver, Leaflet”.

Kleshnin A.V. (Kharkov, Intetics Co)

11:15 Fundamental principes working in Zonation

Savchenko A.A. (Kharkiv, N.V.Karazin  Kharkov National University)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Excursion around the territory of National Nature Park “Slobozhansky”

14:00 Departure of participants