Our team leads several areas of work:

Annual Seminar GIS and Protected Areas

Every year, we gather specialists in the use of geospatial technologies for a three-day discussion on the protection and research of natural heritage. The seminar consists of intensive sessions of presentations, discussions and trainings from 8 am to 8 pm.

Please find news about our annual GIS and Protected Areas Seminar: pzf.gis.kh.ua/seminar/


We conduct trainings on the use of geospatial technologies and courses for students, schoolchildren, NGOs, individual specialists and volunteers. In addition to the standard trainings, we develop trainings adapted to your tasks and tools.

News about our GIS trainings: pzf.gis.kh.ua/gis-trening

GIS Consulting and Technical Support

Our team carries out consulting and support of both individual experts and organizations working in the field of nature and and cultural heritage study and conservation.

For support, contact us in any convenient way and our volunteers will help you with the use of geoinformation technologies. We will help you to update your workflows, consult you when choosing tools, run competing for crowdsourcing data collection, develop offline maps and form for field collection.

OpenStreetMap for National Parks

Open geodatais one of the most powerful tools to inform, engage, and create opportunities for National Parks. We have been studying and accumulating experience with OSM for protected area’s management since 2010. The main aim of our project is open geodata creation for National Parks. Open Datasets and Maps that have been created in the framework of implemented projects were successfully used by scientists, teachers, students and visitors of the National Parks.

We manage basic data on PAs in the open global geospatial database of OSM, and also consult the NGOs, National Parks and local communities on the implementation of technologies in daily work.

Conservation Drones

Our team supports organizations and individuals in the use of drones and also implements surveying of territories and points of interest of cultural and natural heritage.

For obtaining up-to-date information about Protected Areas, we use UAV-monitoring. Field work is carried out by volunteers using consumer grade, industrial and DYI drones. Data is available in GIS. During 2014-2017 more than 5000 hectares of orthophotoplans and DEMs were collected.

White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) Censuses 

Our team supports the Internet and a Mobile application to collect data on the status of the stork settlements on the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries. The data collected during the project are available in the public domain. We also organize field card parties and control the geometry of the nests (as POIs) in the OSM database.