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The seminar will be held in a slightly reduced form from June 6 to June 8, 2014 in the territory of the Slobozhansky National Nature Park.

During the seminar, it is planned to conduct a presentation of the national parks: Slobozhansky, Dvurechansky and Gomolshanski Les for use of the ArcGIS software package received under the ESRI Conservation Program . A number of master classes and presentations will also be held.

In order to reduce participants’ expenses for living, the seminar will be held on the territory of the Vladimir branch of NP Slobozhansky in semi-field conditions.

The registration fee is reduced to 50 UAH. Accommodation is free of charge. Due to the fact that the number of beds in the building is limited, we ask participants to count on spending the night in their own tents near the building.

Simple meals and coffee breaks will be organized. A 10-minute walk away there is a rural grocery store.

The issue of the publication of the seminar materials will be decided by the participants during the seminar.

Please confirm your intention to participate in the seminar! And please confirm the theme of your master class or presentation.