In April 17, 2017, the representative of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine Anton Biatov together with the head of the department of science of the National Nature Park «Gomolshanskie Lesa» Stanislav Viter conducted an examination of an interesting wetland, located near the Kharkov.

This wetland is a type of tract that is unique for the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine — natural depression on the third terrace of the Udy river valley. This territory is located to the south of Kharkov only in 3 kilometers from the ring road and between the railway stations “Ternove” and “Svitanok”.

The western part of the tract is natural and close to the natural tussock meadows and reed marshes with stretches of open water.

западная часть ВБУ Терновские поды, тростниковые болотами с плесами открытой воды

The eastern part of the tract is formed by artificial lakes and wetlands in place of old sedimentation tanks.

восточная часть ВБУ Терновские поды, искусственные озера и заболоченные территории на месте старых отстойников

From the north and east, the tract is bounded by an ameliorative canal. Outside the tract the channel passes into a small river Rudka, flowing into the river Udy.

мелиоративный канал по краю ВБУ Терновские поды

The fauna of waterfowl and waterbirds is very rich. A pair rare Cranes 1 and Gray Ducks 2, a colony of gulls (parity-lake 3 and goshotuni 4) a total of at least 400 individuals, a colony of the Great White Egret 5, and rare duck-wefts 6  were found.

Гнездовая колония большой белой цапли (Ardea alba) в окрестностях г.Харькова

Fragment of the colony of the Great Egret (Ardea alba), 17/04/2017.

Having seen that the surveyed tract is of great conservation value as a habitat for rare waterbirds, it was decided to initiate the creation of a zakaznik on its territory. Using the web service with the attached layer of cadastral division of Ukraine, it was found out directly in the field that the eastern part of the tract was brought to the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine with the designated purpose “For construction and Maintenance of buildings of trade “.

Веб-карта с включенным слоем кадастрового деления Украины

Also, a detailed aerial survey of the natural boundary was carried out using a quadrocopter. Since the tract is quite large, we had to shoot in 3 flights, coming to him from different directions. For flight planning, the mobile Pix4D Capture App was used.

планировщик маршрута миссии в Pix4Dcapture

The resulting terrain photoplane on the web map at the top of the page. It can also be connected to desktop GIS via WMS-service, whose address is listed on

A short video taken during the survey of the territory of the site:

управление квадрокоптером


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