Our team has created several useful web services:

Open Cadastre of Protected areas of Ukraine

Ежедневные выгрузки границ объектов Природно-заповедного фонда Украины из OpenStreetMap.

Daily extracts boundaries of Ukrainian Protrcted areas from OpenStreetMap.


The service allows mapping the boundaries of protected territories on a background of different basic maps and space images. You can also connect the Cadastral Division layer to the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine, the layer of frequency distribution for Ukraine from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) portal, layers of forestry change for 2000-2014 from Global Forest Change, and much more. You can download your GPS track and look at the background of other layers. And most importantly, the service allows you to download the boundaries of the objects of the Ukrainian PAs in the common vector formats: SHP, KML, ESRI FileGDB.

See Development of the open cadastre of protected areas in Ukraine

URL: https://scgis.org.ua/pzf-osm/


OpenStreetMap Vector Data for National Parks

ScreenShort Выгрузки данных OpenStreetMap по национальным природным паркам УкраиныThe service allows you to download OpenStreetMap data on the territories of national natural parks of Ukraine and adjacent territories. Data is provided in the following formats: SHP, KML, GeoJSON, ESRI FileGDB.

URL: https://scgis.org.ua/uanposm/


Public monitoring of the nests of the Stork

Общественный мониторинг гнезд Аиста белого (Ciconia ciconia)Public monitoring of the nests of the Crane (Ciconia ciconia) In 2013, the Slobozhansky National Park began to attract volunteers to study the status of the White Stork population (Ciconia Victoria). To aggregate data from volunteers, this service was created and created. The service allows you to enter information about the status of the nest, location, nesting efficiency, photo and some other information. The collected data is transferred annually to ornithologists.

URL: https://scgis.org.ua/stork/

NP@Mapillary – geotegrated photos of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine

NP@Mapillary 2017 - конкурс геотегированных фото природно-заповедного фонда УкраиныViewer of the NP@Mapillary contest results for collecting geotagged photos on the nature protected areas of Ukraine NP @ Mapillary-2017. Information about the competition for Wiki OpenStreetMap.

Disscas on the OpenStreetMap Forum (Ukranian).

App URL: https://scgis.org.ua/np.mapillary-2017/

Planet Data Viewer for National Parks

Data viewer of Planet.com on the territories of the national natural parks of the Kharkiv region.  Description of the data.

URL: https://scgis.org.ua/planet.viewer


Data of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) on the territory of Slobozhansky National Nature Park and adjacent territories.
Preview on a web map: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/resource/16/display
WMS: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/api/resource/27/wms

UAV data on the territory of National Nature Park “Gomolshanskie Forest” and adjoining territories.
Preview on a web map: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/resource/30/display
WMS: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/api/resource/31/wms

UAV data on the territory of National Nature Park “Buzkij Gard” and adjoining territories.
Preview on a web map: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/resource/53/display
WMS-сервис: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/api/resource/54/wms

Data of UAVs in the territory of the Kharkiv region outside the boundaries of the territories of national natural parks.
Preview on a web map: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/resource/35/display
WMS-сервис: http://conservationgisua.nextgis.com/api/resource/36/wms

The data is distributed under license CC-BY 4.0. The only requirement for the user is to keep the mention of the rights holders. The rightholders specifically indicate that they are aware and agree with paragraph 3 of the  OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms.