We have been studying and accumulating experience with OSM for protected area’s management since 2010. In projects for updag base maps of Kharkov Forest Park, Mezin NP, Gomolshanskiy NP and Dvurechansky NPs work was done by several professionals without using tools for online-coordination. Basemap that was updated by Slobozhanskiy NP as part of a multi-user distributed project, during which was tested cooperation model of both local and remote participants of OSM community (representatives of the National Park, students and teachers) and Kharkiv University. Basemaps and navigation maps that have been created in the framework of implemented projects were successfully used by employees and visitors of the NP.

Based on the OSM-data a variety of options for basic and navigation maps are automatically created, updated and distributed for use in GIS, image editors and navigators. There are opportunities to connect existing map services, as well as to download maps in vector and raster file form, or to assemble mapsand publish custom maps.

Motivated community members can develop a basic coverage of protected areas, and regardless of their spatial location they can remotely perform some type of work that do not require a physical presence (e.g. vectorization, analysis of feedback forms, integration of existing data sets). In cooperation with the OSM-community professionals of National Park are able to create and maintain up to date POI’s database, which is important for park visitors. Now OSM-communities members have logically focused on the development of regional centers and major transport routes outside the cities. This leads to a lack of detailed base maps of areas with low population density. Thus, protected area specialists, as members OSM-community, have more opportunities in organization of controlled process of base map creation in compliance with all quality requirements.