Welcome to the website of the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) Ukraine!

Our mission. To support and grow an inclusive global community using geospatial technology for conservation of biodiversity, natural environments, and cultural heritage.

The goals of SCGIS Ukraine is the exchange of experience in the use of GIS technologies in various areas of the functioning of protected areas, raising the professional level of specialists involved in environmental protection, providing GIS support to protected areas and various environmental projects.

Our logo reflects our main priorities. There are tree symbolizing nature, the symbol of whereabouts or spatiality, and Voronoi diagram, named after the Ukrainian scientist, which the base for the tool Natural Neighbor there.

Since 2012 we support Ukrainian institutions, researchers and activists using the power of GIS to manage everyday tasks.

Our tags: #scgisukraine #scgis #gispzf

Научно-методический семинар «ГИС и заповедные территории»