From June 9 to 12 2017, V scientific and practical seminar “GIS and protected areas” was organized in the National Nature Park “Slobozhansky” by the National Environmental Center of Ukraine and the National Nature Park «Slobozhansky». The goal of this traditional event is the use of GIS technologies in solving environmental and scientific problems, the exchange of in-house developments and the presentation of new developments in the field.

This time around 30 specialists from 19th organizations of nine regions of Ukraine are visited the seminar!

During the seminar participants had the opportunity to listen lots of really useful reports about studying of ecosystems, analysis and planning of recreational activities using geoinformation systems and remote sensing data of the earth.

Also, it was interesting to learn about the experience of using unmanned aerial vehicles in order to study the natural state of the territory in National Nature Park Slobozhansky, National Nature Park Dvurechansky, National Nature Park Gomolshanskie Lesa, National Nature Park Piryatinsky, National Nature Park Pripyat-Stokhod, National Nature Park Svyatye Gory “And the Danube Biosphere Reserve.

We examined the prospects of geoinformation environmental mapping in Ukraine and the experience of conducting monitoring studies on special programs using GIS and remote sensing. Workshops were conducted on creating thematic web-maps and using open source software.

Participants learned how to work with web GIS service, OpenstreetMap, JOSM, QGIS, GitHub, NextGIS Mobile and were demonstrated possibilities of the raster calculator in working with QGIS space images for calculation of spectral indices and classification of Sentinel data in the Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin for QGIS.

At the round table discussed the creation of web atlases of protected areas and a platform for targeted search for GIS ideas and GIS specialists.

At the end of the seminar, a spectacular master class on aerial photography with the help of DJI Phantom 3 was held.
In the evening, after intensive work, participants had the opportunity to relax by the fire and chat in a warm, informal atmosphere amidst the picturesque landscape of the ancient estate “Nataliwka”.

Thank you for participating in our seminar, for your experience and active work during classes! We hope for the active use of the knowledge you have gained!

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