A total of 31 people were registered, out of 16 organizations 8 cities. The organizers welcome all those registered to participate in the seminar!

Preliminary list of reports and master classes

  1. “Organization of population monitoring using GIS”Brusentsova N.A. (Kharkov, National Nature Park Slobozhansky);
  2.  “The basics of working with international online databases on biodiversity (GBIF, Discoverlife, etc.).” Morozova I.I. (Kharkov, Kharkov National University named after VN Karazin);
  3. “The use of DBMS and GIS in the study of the flora of the Lugansk Reserve” Guz G.V. (Lugansk region, Lugansk nature reserve);
  4. “Mapping of plants using the database BRAHMS and DIVA-GIS (on the example of some taxa of the flora of Ukraine)”
  5. Kornienko OM, Karpyuk TS (Kiev, N.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany. National Academy of Sciences );
  6. “Using the Field GIS Field-Map to perform geobotanical descriptions and create monitoring areas” Yarotskaya M.A. (Kharkov, National Nature Park “Gomolshanskie Lesa”)
  7. “GIS-analysis of the regularities of the propagation of single trees in the conditions of a mown steppe (for example, the Yamskaya Steppe area of the Belogorye reserve) Ukrainskiy P.A. (Belgorod, The National Research University “Belgorod State University”);
  8. “Using the MaxEnt program to model the spatial distribution of animals” Atemasov A.A. (Kharkov, V.N. Karazin  Kharkov National University );
  9. “GIS for restoration of wetlands on the example of Polder Zarza Sizo R.V. (Odessa, Center for Regional Studies);
  10. “The history of clear cuttings in the oak forests of the Gomolshansky forests and the Slobozhansky National Nature Park in the second half of the 20th century. Experience in the analysis of space images and forest inventory materials” Yatsyuk E.A. (Kharkov, V.N. Karazin  Kharkov National University);
  11. “Algorithm for constructive and geographic support for the design of national parks using geoinformation technologies” Bodnya O.V. (Kharkov, V.N. Karazin  Kharkov National University);
  12. “Experience of interaction between universities and PRF objects in the field of application of geoinformation technologies (Kharkiv region results for 2013)” Sennaya E.I. (Kharkov, V.N. Karazin  Kharkov National University );
  13. “Invitation to the GIS Forum and the InterCarto / InterGIS: Anouncement, Questions and Answers” Sennaya E.I. (Kharkov,V.N. Karazin  Kharkov National University );
Master classes
  1. “Are you still pouring in sodden from the rain diary? Then we go to you! “, Or some modern GIS-based methods for collecting field data Pryluky O.V. (Kharkiv, Kharkov National University)
  2. “Basics of ArcGIS Editor for OSM” Seliverstov O.Y. (Kharkiv, GIS-Lab);
  3. “Basics of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile” Seliverstov O.Yu. (Kharksv, GIS-Lab);
  4. “Pansharpening by means of GIS SAGA” Goryainova V.L. (Kharkov, NPO Slobozhansky);
  5. “Making cartographic works: rules, problems, opportunities” Sennaya E.I. (Kharkov, Kharkov National University named after VN Karazin);
  6. “Creating an interactive web-map using: QGIS, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, Geoserver, Leaflet” Kleshnin A.V. (Kharkov, Intetics Co);
  7. “Fundamentals of work in the package R: Spatstat” Savchenko AA (Kharkov, Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin).

National Nature Park Gomolshanskie Lesya, Dvurechansky, Dermansko-Ostrozky, National Nature Park Slobozhansky, Lugansk Nature Reserve, Kharkiv National University. VNKarazina, Kherson State University, Tavrichesky State Agrotechnological University, Institute of Botany. N.G.Kholodny Institute of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, Center for Regional Studies, National Research Center “Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine”, Intetics Co, NIU “BelGU”, GIS-Lab.

Stay tuned!